Adult Transformational Workshops


Heal Your Life Achieve Your Dreams Workshop

Based on the work of Louise L. Hay, Shakti Gwain and others. This is a powerful four hour workshop that will transform your life! You will learn how to develop awareness of negative beliefs, release old emotions, love yourself more fully in a safe and receptive environment. It is designed to teach you affirmations, visualization and meditation techniques that will change your life. Bring a hand mirror, journal and pen.

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Ordering From the Cosmic Kitchen

cosmic kitchen affirmationsBased on Patricia Crane Ph.D. book " How to Create What You Really Want, Ordering from the Cosmic Kitchen." This is a four hour study course where you will learn how to use Eight Principles for really effective affirmations. You will also learn how to add "feeling" to your orders to give you the best results. Plus, what do you do when the Universe gives you lemons? This course provides the answers

Inner Child Workshop

This is an Odyssey of Light Exclusive at! You will learn how to combine healing methods such as journaling, affirmations, visualization and play to get in touch with your inner child. We all have one that desperately needs to be acknowledged and recognized!

Metaphysical Personal Coaching

One on one Coaching is available for those who want guidance in making positive, long term life changes. It is an interactive process between equals where the coach provides the ability to actively and receptively listen, clarify and guide you from an unbiased perspective. Our goal is to provide action and solution based feedback to help you gain balance in body, mind, emotions and spirit. 

Maricarda Avila's Astrological soul vocation is directly linked to facilitating in the process of guiding individuals to re-connect with their own soul center and innate resources. 

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