Each Year when the Sun transits through the constellation of Leo, we are offered the opportunity to receive the energies for the following disciplines:

Purification: This is the fist stage where an individual can use the transmitted Solar Fire energy to purify glamour and illusion and allow the Divine to manifest through them on the physical plane. It is a purification of their nature in order to engage in needed changes to raise their frequency and vibration for the next stage.

Transmutation: In this second stage the individual is able to absorb a higher level of that Solar Fire and radiate it back to the Sun and into our planet Earth. It is more electric in nature. Transmutation refines the vehicles of the personality, physical, emotional and mental bodies in order to become an open instrument for the holy spirit to work through. This is achieved through the absorbtion of the light and wisom of the Sun with the intention to be of service to others. 

Communication: Once our vehicles are purified and transmuted we are able to become "conscious" and receive information that expands our ideas, visions and will. We become aligned with the Divine Plan for Humanity and are in contact with higher energetic fields. 

Mastery: The last stage offers liberation from the personality. We connect and center ourselves within the Will-to-good and stand as disciples who aid in the divine manifestation of the higher Plan.

Creating synthesis within our own vehicles, creates unity for humanity. In other words the opportunity that the Sun in Leo offers is to integrate our energy in order to create a whole individual that will work for universality.