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Zodiac Sign Opportunities will feature the Ageless Wisdom, Esoteric Teachings of the Sun's monthly transit, through the zodiac signs. 

Each month we have "opportunities" that present themselves, based on how our Sun transmits energies from the Zodiac sign it is in, directly down onto our Planet Earth as a collective, as well as each individual on a personal level.

These opportunities offer us "contact" with higher frequencies, bringing us "information." Each New and Full Moon serves as a potent time to receive this spiritual "communication."







Each Year when the Sun transits through the constellation of Leo, we are offered the opportunity to receive the energies for the following disciplines:

Purification: This is the fist stage where an individual can use the transmitted Solar Fire energy to purify glamour and illusion and allow the Divine to manifest through them on the physical plane. It is a purification of their nature in order to engage in needed changes to raise their frequency and vibration



Zodiac Keynotes features the Ageless Wisdom esoteric teachings of the Sun's monthly transit, through the zodiacal signs. 


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