Aries Sign: Aries The Ram

Astrology Dates

March 21- April 20

Aries Traits

Assertive, urgent, energetic, forthright, selfish, enthusiastic.

Aries Astrological Sign

The sign Aries is Cardinal-Fire, and rules the head. Its planet is Mars. As builders, in the first rush of spring, Aries people are 'headstrong' pioneering types, who are likely to rush into things before reflecting. They have great vitality and are physically active and inclined to domination, with a strong will and an urge toward self aggrandizement. They also have an acute need for love and affection. They are idealists and their intuitive powers are great.

Aries Dates are March 21 to April 20.

The first Zodiac Sign is the divine spark that initiates birth. Those individuals born under the astrology sign of Aries (Sun or Rising) are usually "idea" people. Creativity begins with the self and the ego personality is strong. Aries is motivated to "begin" projects and sets the new trends in society for others to follow. Entrepreneurship is strong in these individuals and they thrive in being recognized "first." They want to be number one and will work endlessly to create their own unique character in order to establish a sense of self. Aries tend to focus on what they want and at some point in their adult life, they will be called to recognize "other" and learn how to collaborate within partnerships. This is triggered by their opposite sign Libra, which calls for reciprocation in working with other people.

Aries individuals are in touch with their "physical" body due to the fire that burns within them. It is important that they find some type of physical outlet for their body, or they risk irritability from pent up thoughts and emotions. Aries is ruled by Mars and if Aries feels bored or without direction, they are sure to create chaos and conflict in order to have a rationalized reason to argue or fight. Aries can react like the "child" or the "baby" who will throw a huge temper tantrum when they do not get their own way. The Aries will bombard others with all of their self absorbed reasons as to why their own needs need to be fulfilled first. This can of course cause problems in relationships, especially when the "partner" (Libra) feels that their own boundaries are being ignored, disrespected and overlooked. These situations will create opportunities for the Aries individuals to take other people's needs into consideration and how to practice compassion for other life paths. The Aries Sign is called to "understand" that their own ideas are not always the best ones and that perhaps "LISTENING" to other points of view will help them feel empathy, in order to focus on creating workable and harmonious relationships (Libra).

In general, Aries is full of energy and they will work very hard to get what they want. At some point in their life they will embrace the fact that pushing, forcing and being impatient does not serve them well and they will begin the practice of effective communication, listening and being patient. They will trust the process of life over trusting their own lower ego. Even if this means that Aries has to experience endless "false starts." They have the dedication and the desire to try again and again. They do not believe in giving up, because they know that there are several different avenues available to them, in order to get the results they are seeking.

Aries love interests are best paired with Gemini. Aries and Gemini have the best signs compatibility because they are both vibrant fire signs who love to challenge each other. To find the best match pay attention to tarot horoscope and astrolgy signs. 

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