Cancer Sign: Cancer The Crab

Astrology Dates

June 22- July 22

Cancer Traits

Sensitive, emotional, protective, moody, imaginative, loving

Cancer Astrological Sign

Cancer is Cardinal-Water. It rules the stomach and breasts, and its planet is the Moon. Cancer people love security and their home is important. They are passive, and rely on their feelings. They are subtle, rather than direct, and often reflect the moods of those around them. Cancer is the sign of nurturing, protecting, sustaining. It is strongly tied to the past, and Karma. Cancer tends to collect the residue of past experience and hold onto it, as a coloration of present activities, leading to instinctual or habitual action. 

Cancer Dates are June 22 to July 22

The sign of Cancer marks the mid point of the astrological life cycle. It rules the 4th house of home, foundations, family and ancestry. It is located at the bottom of the astrological wheel. Cancer presents us with the first sign in the element of Water and is ruled by the Moon. This is the area of life where our emotional natures come into play.

Cancer sign individuals are the nurturers of society. They are the "parental" characters that cherish family units. They rely on what they "feel" in any given moment, making them appear "moody" to others. Cancer signs have a strong intuition and sometimes this opposes their logic. They have such a deep innate urge to take care of their loved ones, that sometimes they overlook what they intuitively know, in order to give them chances. They want to test the situation and themselves to see if life will prove their gut wrong. However, most of the time, Cancerians will face disillusionment and disappointment when they find out that they should have trusted their own impressions in the first place. They will need to face the consequences of their own choices and admit that they knew better, but gave in to their false hope.

This can create much confusion in Cancer Signs, leading them to become suspicious and skeptical of other people's intentions. Although they are usually correct in their objective observations of others, they will soon enough learn that their own inability to trust others, actually streams forth from not being able to trust themselves. Once they learn to trust their own intuition, over their logic, they will find and surround themselves with the people who are "safe" and not feel the need to overly protect themselves as much. This will mark the point in life where they will discover who their "soul family" is and realize that just because a person is blood related, it does not necessarily mean that they are family.

At some point in life Cancer Signs will need to detach from their blood family either physically, mentally and/or emotionally in order to begin building their own spiritual and independent personality. This can feel difficult, because Cancer Signs need to feel that they are rooted in a "group" that historically represents something bigger than their own individual ego. This need to go out on their own and find their own path in life, is triggered by their opposite sign of Capricorn.

Cancerians are focused on "home" and Capricorn creates the pull to go "out into the world." in order to establish a vocation that reflects who they are inside. In order to do this, Cancer Signs will need to engage in deep self inquiry and personal development, in order to get to know themselves better as a separate entity, apart from their blood family ties. Once they pin point what their inner talents and skills are, they can begin to build their own businesses and careers on them. They will eventually come to realize that "home" is not an external environment. They will learn that "home" is inside of themselves, because wherever they go, there they are and "soul family" will surround them regardless of geographic longitude and latitude lines.

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