Gemini Sign: Gemini The Twins

Astrology Dates

May 22- June 21

Gemini Traits

Communicative, versatile, restless, witty, intellectual, sharp

Gemini Astrological Sign

Gemini is Mutable-Air, ruling the arms shoulders and the lungs. Its planet is Mercury, and Gemini is the sign associated with thought process, (based on duality) also communication and the conscious mind. Gemini people tend to be flighty, engaging in many varied experiences to gain knowledge. They are witty and have a good sense of humor, and make good teachers. Unlike possessive Taurus, they tend toward liberty in relationship. Their highly developed nervous systems can be easily bored, but under control they have tremendous intellectual and artistic possibilities. 

Gemini Dates May 22- June 21

The Sign of Gemini is dual in nature. It is the first zodiac sign representing the element of Air. Ruled by Mercury, Gemini is where we incorporate language and communication into our lives. Aries is the fire at birth, Taurus provides the material needs such as food, clothing and shelter and in Gemini we are given the gift of an intellectual thought process producing verbal communication.

Gemini Sign individuals are witty and clever. They love to gather information and then share what they have learned with everyone they know. At some point in their lives they will realize that sometimes information needs to be explored on a deeper level. This is triggered by their opposite sign of Sagittarius. Gemini will also realize that there are some aspects in life that are simply not logical. There is a pull between the heart and the mind with Gemini Signs and it is through the philosophical and higher minded principles of Sagittarius, that a Gemini Sign will eventually "know" which path to take.

In general, the Gemini sign needs to feel "involved" in order to create the mental stimulation that they innately need. If they are not talking, learning or sharing information they will risk feeling anxiety or develop a nervous disorder. Gemini needs to "express" their thoughts, feelings and impressions in order to feel connected. This is how they create love.

Horoscope dating is difficult for a Gemini becauses the geminis horoscope will tell they that they should focus on themselves always and not their other half. However following the right articles they might find a man or woman who can keep up with their intellect. From the moment they are born Gemini want to be the best and do everything. They must realize they can't do everything or they will not be successful in love or career. This signs horoscope is very important.

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