Leo Sign: Leo The Lion

Astrology Dates

July 23- August 23

Leo Traits

Generous, expansive, loving, bossy, creative, impressive

Leo Astrological Sign

Leo is Fixed-Fire, and rules the heart and spine. Its planet is the Sun. Leo people are very dramatic and creative, also self-confident and assertive. They expect to be the center of attention, and often are. They have tremendous energy, also great courage and honesty. They are natural leaders. Leo is quite proud, and its challenge is not to be arrogant or egotistical, but rather to develop humility and compassion, and to learn detachment in the gift of its affections. 

Leo Dates are July 23 to August 23

Leo marks the area of life where we are individualized. It is the beginning of a new cycle where we take the lessons learned from the previous four signs and begin to put them into tangible action. Leo is the second Fire sign in the zodiac and is ruled by the Sun. While the first Fire sign Aries provided us with an Identity, Leo takes that inner light, shining bright and begins to create with it. Leo rules the 5th house of Children and Romantic relationships. This is the area of life where we begin to branch out from our family of origin and begin to experiment with love interests outside of the family unit. We take our inner talents and skills and begin to play around with them, to see what can be created.

Leo signs desire for everyone to "acknowledge" and "see" what they are creating. This is why Leo Signs need praise. Others may judge them as being arrogant and self centered. However, they feel that there is no point in creating anything at all if there is no one there to benefit from a their generous efforts in giving. "Look at me" and "Look what I can do" are extremely Leo phrases. They need to feel that they are shining as bright as the Sun. They want to share their warmth with their loved ones and be recognized for the gifts they give. If a Leo Sign feels overlooked, ignored, unappreciated or stifled, they can become melodramatic and overemotional. If they feel that no one cares about their creations they can become egotistical in order to self soothe their inner wounding. If Leo Signs sense that no one is paying attention to them, they can resort to domineering and dictatorial behaviors in order to feel respected.

Leo signs are the "Lions" of the zodiac and have their Pride. This is why they are usually found in leadership roles. However, at some point in life, Leo Signs will learn that it can feel lonely at the top without friends. They will realize that working together with others in "groups" is much more rewarding than playing all alone. A Coach needs the team. A Director needs the actors. A CEO of a company needs the employees. A Parent needs the children. This pull to be part of a higher cause is triggered by the opposite sign of Aquarius. Leo signs need their audience and what better way to gain recognition if not from friends and colleagues?

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