Libra The Scales

Astrology Dates

September 23- October 23

Libra Traits

Charming, easy going, diplomatic, sociable, gullible, resentful

Libra Astrological Sign

Libra is Cardinal-Air and rules the kidneys. Its planet is Venus. Libra is the sign of balance and relationship. The Sun in Libra is at the equinox, when day equals night, and similarly Libra strives for harmony between polarizations. Librans are known for their good taste, elegance and charm. Librans also have a hard time making a decision, and forever hope that all parties to a conflict will be satisfied. They can be very strong in character, under the changeable surface, and like to explore new horizons. Libra's highest purpose is self-consecration to humanity. 

Libra Dates are September 23 to October 22

Libra rules the 7th house on the astrological wheel of life. This is the area of life where we begin to integrate "other" into our daily reality through "partnership." The first 6 signs and houses are focused on building a solid foundation "internally" and in the sign of Libra we are able to incorporate "others" into our own innate dreams, aspirations and ambitions. Here is where we begin to "share" and reciprocate. In Libra we take the other into consideration and begin to collaborate. We begin our ascent into the outer world.

This is the reason Libra Natives encounter chaos, conflict and confusion in relationships. In order to find the "balance" that they are searching for, they will learn that in each and every problem, there is a hidden solution. A blessing in disguise. Libra understands the true meaning of loving our enemies, because it is from those who oppose us that we tend to learn the most from.

Libra signs are about justice. They understand that life may not be fair, but they can make a difference by being diplomatic. Ruled by Venus, Libra Signs seek peace. They are all about the "aesthetics" and want to create beauty in their lives. Libra natives understand that they are in relationship to literally "everything" material and/or energetic in this life, seen or unseen. Another sign may express that they see a lamp, but a Libra will look at that lamp and connect with it on a deeper level. They will see the design, the angles, the function and purpose of the lamp that goes way beyond its practical purpose. Libra is an artist. They see the deeper meaning of the lamp, when to someone else it is just a lamp giving light so they can see what they are doing.

At some point in life Libra Signs will learn that they can not make everyone happy. The only one they can keep happy is themselves. This is triggered by their opposite sign Aries. Libra's may focus so much on the "other" that there will come a time when they will need to make their own decisions and create integrity for themselves, regardless of what the "other" wants or tells them to do.

Withholding their own opinions in the name of not hurting someone else is not always productive. Libra's will learn that "keeping the peace" is not all about sabotaging their own "self" in order to make sure the other is happy. Sometimes a Libra can not just "follow" the popular crowd in order to feel loved and accepted. Libra is strong and tough enough to stand up and fight for what they believe in. They "know" what needs to be done to create balance. The challenge is to trust themselves enough and be courageous against the opposition and "know" that they will be respected, loved and honored for being real, genuine and authentic.

Studies show that libra woman are more likely to read their horoscope than any other sign. It could be due to their tendency to please that they explore everything including horoscopes and astrology. They are also more likely to become astrologers themselves. 


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