Reviews and Testimonials


Gave me the best astrology reading I've ever had. She does more than look at the chart. She reads "you" and uses your chart to further interpret. So right on! I happily recommend her.


Will reveal your strengths and weaknesses. Using just your birthday and time of birth, she will tell you what you're constantly struggling with and why. She will tell you the role your personality plays in your career and relationships.



Well worth the investment.



I had the pleasure of working with, where I was privilaged to get to know her on a very deep level. Is  dedicated to her own personal growth and has vast knowledge of Astrology, various world religions, meditation, the philosophy of Louise L. Hay and creative visualization, just to name a few. I find her to be insightful, creative, sensitive and a compassionate person. She has an astute intuitive sense that easily assists others in revelations about themselves that otherwise might be challenging to find on their own. I recommend very highly in Astrology readings and in facilitating presentations in any of the areas she has studied, which she uses in her own life regularly.



A highly creative individual who is not only committed to leading workshops, but is also dedicated to the healing of the planet as a whole. She is enthusiastic and exels in encouraging and leading others to a more joyful and meaningful life through her work. I highly recommend Maricarda and trust that she will be an asset to the community at large.



Is enough. More than enough.



It's pretty cool and deep.



Hey, guys…I know you're curious. An awesome astrological reading…trust me, you will want to do a full reading! "



Completed my Transformation Workshop Leadership Certification. In this training, participants experience personal clearing work and extensive interaction with the group. Enthusiastic and balances information in a teaching environment that is fun. Her presentation style is energetic and engaging.



Has given readings to me, my mom, and my sister. She accurately pinpointed specific things that had happened in the past, were happening at that time, and had yet to happen but have happened since. She put me on the right path and helped me avoid paths I would have considered but wouldn't have led in a positive direction. The only person I would recommend for astrological readings and she has an incredible intuitive ability!