Taurus Sign:  Taurus The Bull

Astrology Dates for Horoscopes

April 21- May 21

Taurus Traits

Patient, possessive, reliable, self indulgent, persistent, warm

Taurus Astrological Sign

The sign Taurus is Fixed-Earth, and rules the throat. Its planet is Venus. Taureans love pleasure, are practical, and value material possessions. They are possessed of a powerful will, and can be quite stubborn, as well as steady, loyal, kind and obedient. Taureans provide a purposeful, productive and stabilizing influence for themselves and society, and they can also be great healers. 

Taurus Dates April 21-May 21

The sign of Taurus is the second in the Zodiac and is the First Earth element. This is where the birthing fires and "ideas" of Aries are grounded. Manifestation begins to occur through the work that we do and we begin to gather material resources. Taurus focuses on what they "value."

Ruled by Venus, the Taurus Sign people tend to lean towards"quality" over "quantity." They have practical methods to realize their "vision" and will put in the time to make sure that they build solid foundations. Taurus individuals are judged as "stubborn," however a more accurate description of this would be to say that Taurus Signs are patient and tenacious. It does not matter how long it takes, if they know they are working towards their goal.

Taurus Signs are all about ownership. They focus on what is "theirs." At some point in life a Taurus will learn to "share" their resources and money with "other." This is represented by their opposite sign of Scorpio. Taurus does need to be careful that they do not "use" other people's money to the point where they create debt for themselves. Credit Cards can be extremely tempting to use in order to acquire the material goods that a Taurus desires, but self indulgence will eventually teach Taurus that it is wiser to invest their money in what brings them a secure return.

Taurus Signs harbor generous and giving hearts. They nurture and love to be pampered in return for their efforts. Taurus is the Bull of the zodiac. They graze lazily and enjoy the luxuries of life, however when it is time to work... they work. They also have a temper that once triggered will need to be fully expressed in a very physical way. This is why it is important that they exercise. Taurus has a tender heart and will at some point in their adult life learn that taking things personal only causes them undue stress. They will learn that the only one they can control is themselves and that they have a choice in how they react to what wounds them.

When a taurus decides to date, horoscope dating is rather easy for this sign because of their appearance is often attractive to the world. However, this signs horoscope sometimes tells them to take precautions when dating as not everyone has your bbest interests in mind. 

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