Virgo Sign: Virgo The Virgin

Astrology Dates

August 24- September 22

Virgo Traits

Analytical, critical, modest, meticulous, intelligent, fussy

Virgo Astrological Sign

Virgo is Mutable-Earth, and rules the digestive system. Its ruling planet is Mercury, also the asteroids. Virgo is analytical and organized, with perfectionist tendencies. It loves work and service to others, and the gathering of the fruits of the material world (harvest). Virgo people have a reputation for neatness which can border on obsession, and for nervousness and a concern over issues of health. They must beware of being overly critical. The mission of Virgo is the purification of its activity in pursuit of its goals, the inherent love of excellence in all strivings. 

Virgo Dates are August 24 to September 22

In Virgo (Sun or Rising sign) we take everything we have learned from Aries (I Am), Taurus (I have), Gemini (I think), Cancer (I feel) and Leo ( I will) and actually put it to "work" for us through analyzing. We begin to ask the question, " How can I serve?"

Virgo is the 2nd Earth Sign and takes the values of Taurus, the first Earth Sign, to the next level. While Taurus establishes a foundation of material resources, Virgo comes in and uses those resources in practical and efficient ways. In other words, Taurus may buy the toothbrush and the toothpaste, but it is Virgo who uses the tools purchased to strategically brush their teeth.

Virgo sign individuals see the "details" as integral components in reaching their goals. They know that in order to get the desired results, there is a system that must be thoroughly researched first, that needs to be meticulously followed. Virgo Signs are preoccupied with "getting it right" to the point of perfection. Although to others, a Virgo Sign's work will appear to be flawless, the Virgo Native will focus on how they could have made it better. They "tweak" and "refine" to make sure nothing has been overlooked, only to find that in doing so, they become their own worst critic.

At some point in their lives they will learn how to "zoom out" and "let go" of those aspects of life that no longer serve them. This is triggered by their opposite sign Pisces. A Virgo Sign learns to trust that what they produce is "good enough" and that sometimes there is no logical explanation, no end, or closure to be found and that is absolutely okay.

Virgo signs need to feel that they are helping others. Whether that be in a family, health field or marketing design. A Virgo Native will suffer if they do not feel that they are being of service in some way. They are like parent's who make sure that a sweater is worn when it is cold outside. They are the one's who would rather receive a functional household appliance, over a gift that would be properly saved in storage.

Although Virgo Signs are expert problem solvers for others, they face a challenge when it comes to taking care of themselves. The reason for this is that in solving other people's problems, there is no emotional attachment. When it comes to their own personal issues, it is not as simple.This does not mean that a Virgo is not in touch with their feelings. It simply means that it takes longer for a Virgo to process the information being received. Remember, they have a system to follow. What they personally feel, needs to be analyzed before it can be absorbed and integrated. They need time to "think" about what they are feeling, which unfortunately leads many Virgo's into a state of denial. They think that if they ignore the problem, it will work itself out with time and just go away. Sooner or later, they will realize that this does not serve them well at all and they will begin to analyze their personal problems in a more direct way, without withholding detailed, emotional information.

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In general, Virgo's are reliable and dependable when it comes to work. Their work ethic is amazing and incredible, because their motivation and intention is solely linked to service.

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